Monday, August 19, 2013

love of Christ flow fragment

Christ is silent in the mind's violence -
just to try us - all pious to divide and decide us
inside us like a benevolent virus
a plussed minus, not to define us
but to enshrine us where we rise above mere compliance.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

yep. yoke.

Yoke of jokes
In smoke throats and dust motes
Broke spokes of bikes,
Holdin back dykes with spikes
And fuckin wrecking mics.

J. Waterfalls and I splatter walls,
And bat at balls, night falls, and enthralls
what bigs will do for smalls
and what pleasure proper fear installs.
It appalls the great master's mind for seeing blind
and digging diamonds from kindness
trapped in binds of science, blindness, and confinement.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

flow for tomorrow

Faster than molasses flows outta camels asses
I spit my elegant bashes
And bat lashes to the masses.
Its tough to rap about the darkside poolside
So I'm keepin it inside and lettin fools slide.
Immigrating to imaginary master's classes
I take baths and passes, so lavish
And classist
As I grow tired of fallin faces
Mired in walled-in places...

I wax thoughtless like 50 buddhist monks starin':
call it deep meditation
And tax the flawless like the 50 truest punks scarin':
call it dead reputation.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


because the mind isnt fit for the minor
the system fails to fail to flounder
but the grief and confusion we encounter
are relief and absolution if we bother.

for now the spiritual and the mental are never the center
we're just emotional renters in a forgotten land of blind senses and sensorers
we become the dispensables as we trade our denser jewels for air and numbers
and unabaited hungers- we run in our living slumbers and cheat
extolling virtue cumbersome and neat
we compete for a universe replete with all it's ever gonna be
trauma, toys and absolute deafening glee, expanse and calamity-
plastic ploys for herds set out for detour disturbed yet demure for sure.
we need small words and big eyes that see far sung choirs
woe for fundamental lies and liars
fear claims judgemental spies on empires
while inspirational pretenders sell union desires.

The Professional is typical of the fathers family
all is reciprocal, cash passed for belief blandly
intuition salaried into pilloried institution scandaling
trying to be manly and empty like the vast many dripping last pennies for a fast gimmie.

Monday, March 26, 2012


In the interest of bein interesting
So much is given to chest testing
And pounding- the heavy hounding fake sounding push to rounding out
An inscribed name worth sounding out.
"I am my health and wealth" we wager.
We meet our real self in stealth dying for lying danger- 
we name anger with sounds of whipping belts stickin into welps 
that don't philosophize harmonize or help.

Friday, February 10, 2012

oh shut up existentialism.

Mornin comin faster than a doomsday flirt
Hikin up the pleats in her fog hemmed skirt
I'm thinkin bout ways to save my salvation
Starvin for the washin of my internal nation
Tried to say a prayer but I couldn't find my voice
Tried to leave myself but I couldn't make the choice
Left the verbs & proper nouns in stiff purgatory
Shed the germs & towns got Miffed and dissed glory.
Grew up gory, beliving contradictory stories
Woke up into cravings, bureaucratic slavings
And building sad savings-
I'm losing my sketches in the pencil shavings.

Monday, October 31, 2011

surreal daydreams flow fragment #1

Who's been playin basketballs
With hells madrigals
In the bathroom stalls?
Some absurdist lumberer, 
a late-night porn hungerer 
in touch with the tongues of earth
Thought removed and disbelieved
Just like the faith of the relieved 
Calling to their own lives
Wallowing in their own eyes sties
Making mad mud pies
Dreaming virgin thighs
And seeking higher highs.

self-portrait flow fragment #2

I'm all arts and no craft
All chief and no staff
All play and no laugh
Centered around the mentors given by history
Creating a space bigger than heaven and tighter than density
I speak to a moment and record its intensity- 
my gift was lent to me, sent to me 
and I'll use it to distance me
From myself and go deeper into mystery.

Monday, October 24, 2011

self-portrait flow fragment #1

I'm an ill-fitting muzzle man, tryin to damper down all your panic-
& like an under-bidding marble man, I'm taken motherfuckers for granite.
I'm stupider than jupiter in a swarm of moons & flys
& cooler than your jeweler- diamonds melt before your eyes.
I'm pushed to ridiculous by a world that can't believe
In a solid ground that's tenuous or forgiveness without reprieve.
I'm Jason Waterfalls & all the misunderstandings that keep you warm,
Love in caterwauls & bright yearnings kickin back the norm.

Friday, October 21, 2011

#occupywallstreet flow fragment #1

This is for the bureaucratic necrophiliac attackers 
& all their ignorant sadistic backers.
I'm sad for you because I feel bad for you 
I smell doom on you & sense flowers of love will never bloom for you. 
& you get mad cuz you know it's true. 
& yo- I know I know-
life is cruelty and suffering inequality no anomaly- 
 but what you bring commonly is a disgrace to the human family 
& urgency urgently demands that you be ripped from your hands 
& set back gasping to watch us rebrand & rewrite your selfish plans.